Production Programme

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Tuesday, 24 May 2011 16:29

The production range of PTL-progres is quite wide. We produce very precise parts where by combination of turning, milling technologies and heat  treatment and subsequent grinding we achieve precisions  up to ±  0.01 (see Tool Engineering production). Thanks to the CNC machining centre we can meet the customers' requirement to supply larger series and to keep repeated precision (see Series production). After long-term experience in the field of engineering, we also provide the production of control and other production jigs including provision of construction designs and a production documentation (see Jigs below).

Tool Engineering Production

A wide range of components including heat treatment (hardening) and grinding. Required tolerances up to ±0.01.

Demonstration of 3D milling

Metalworking - Series production

By default we supply parts in series of 100, 200 up to 1000 pieces.


We offer the production of control or assembly jigs up to the dimensions of 1400x800 mm including construction designs.

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